Wednesday, February 1, 2017

                          Types of clouds

Cumulus cloud

Cumulus are puffy clouds that sometimes looks like piece of floating cotton in the sky.It different from other clouds because cumulus it look like cotton and their base is flat and only 1000 meters above ground.

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Cirrus cloud

Cirrus is a genus of atmospheric cloud characterized are thin and wispy.It difference from cumulus and stratus because it above cumulus and look like thin flat cloud.

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Stratus cloud

Stratus is mean rain if it warm and snow it is cold.They look like grey huge blanket that hangs low in the sky.It difference from cirrus and cumulus because it has grey colour and rain cloud.

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The best thing in Add science class is doing Lab,Because I like to do activities and study in one class and this class is interesting and fun .And this class is quietly because everyone talk low sound and not yell.