Thursday, March 1, 2018

                                Color Lab

White is the result of all colors of the visible spectrum being reflected from an object. Black is the result of all colors of the spectrum being absorbed by an object.

1 color paddles set
1 flashlight
1 dual hand lens
1 sheet of white copier paper

This picture shows that when the light through the red, green, and blue lens. The result is yellow

objectweight in airapparent weight in waterbuoyant force (weight in air-apparentpulley weight in airlength of string
weight 10.01250.1 N0.025 N0.0075100 cm
weight 20.250.2 N0.05 N0.03100 cm
weight 30.50.4 N0.1 N0.15100 cm
weight 410.8 N0.2 N0.3100 cm
weight 521.5 N0.5 N0.75100 cm
weight 654 N1 N0.9100 cm
weight 78.56 N2.5 N1.2100 cm
weight 8-----
weight 9-----

Analyze and Conclude
1.Observing What force is responsible for the difference between the weight of each object in the air and its apparent weight in water?
Ans. Buoyant Force
2. Analyzing Data How it the buoyant force related to the weight of water displaced?
Ans. Each milliliter of water has a weight of 0.0098 newtons.
3. Forming Operational Definitions define buoyant force and describe two ways you can measure it or calculate it.
Ans. Buoyant force is a force that gives an ability to float in a fluid. The first way measure by using a measurement objects with the object and place in water. The second way weight in air minus the apparent weight in water.
4. Drawing Conclusions Explain what causes an object to sink or to float or to float
Ans. If there is no oxygen / air in those objects, it will sink because of how gravity works with force.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

1.Infer Why did you rub the balloon on your sweaterPredict what might have happened if you simply touched the balloon to your sweater instead of rubbing it.
Ans.  When one object is rubbed against the other. The static electricity can be created.This is because the rubbing creates a negative charge that is carried by electrons. The electrons can build up to produce static electricity.  Touching the sweater with the balloon will not create electrons

2.Key Concept Why do you think the balloon interacted the way it did with your sweater and with the stream of water?
Ans. Water having a positive charge because in water’s liquid form these atoms are free to move around any which way, it can easily be affected by a static electrical charge.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

                                  Milk Lab

The lab is we need to make a milk to ice creams. First, we need to pour a milk to the ziplock. Second, put the ziplock into the blue bucket, then put the ice into the blue bucket too. We need to mix it until it freezes, then we add toppings.


1. Why do we add salt to the ice?
Ans. The salt makes a temperature decrease so it will be cooler. 
2. Why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly?
Ans. Because, if we add it when milk not frozen, it will make them frozen and taste bad.
3. What are two factors that affect the freezing you think?
Ans. I think salt and pressure.
4. why do you need a bit of air in the bag?
Ans.  We need it because maybe it will help milk frozen fast.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

                  Volume, Density and Mass

We have done experiments of volume, density and mass.This is our result.

Sample No.       Weight of Grams     Volume ml      Density g/ml

       1                            125.5g                202ml                  0.62g
       2                            136.6g                203ml                  0.67g
       3                              25g                   175ml                  0.14g
       5                             45.4g                 174ml                  0.26g
       6                            111.5g                201ml                  0.55g
       7                              246g                 250ml                  0.984g
       9                            199.8g                221ml                   0.9g
      11                            98.4g                 200ml                  0.429g
      12                           146.94g              201ml                   0.74g


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Assignment 1

                 Impact of society on environment 

The environment can roughly define as the sum total of all conditions and influences that affect the life and development of organisms.The environment has become one of the most important issues of our time and will continue to be well into the future. 

1.Global warming traps heat and increases the temperature.So the environment will die.
2.Air pollution makes environment die.
3.Acid rain from a factory that makes disease.